An authentic experience is hugely important to us. So is beer. Come and taste our own beers brewed by the landlord onsite, from our microbrewery here at The Bear Inn.

All our beers are made using Belgian wheat malt, the finest Marris Otter barley and a complex make up of glucose rich and modified coloured malts. Our hops are sourced from the UK, Germany and the USA giving Black Bear real ale its varied and distinctive bitterness, diverse flavouring and interesting aromas.




Black Bear beers have been specially designed to incorporate the bitterness and flavours of traditional British ale whilst adding an element of Belgian style thickness and mouth feel. Our core ale range at Black Bear Brewery consists of Black Bear Bitter and Goldihops. Two proven successes with an ever-growing fan base.

Black Bear Pump Clip
Black Bear Bitter has a dedicated following of its own and has quickly become the Bear Inn’s fastest selling real ale product. Black Bear Bitter is an easy drinking, full flavoured floral tipple which whilst malty contains hints of elderflower making it a favourite with both men and woman.
Goldihops pump clip
Goldihops was originally created to keep a local clay shooting club hydrated after an exhausting summer mornings activity. Designed to be a light summer ale we were pleasantly surprised to see sales continue into the winter. Goldihops concentrates on its hop variety (golden hops) and is a traditionally British recipe. Straw like in colour, clear, refreshing and bitter we decided to make it a permanent feature on the bar at the Bear Inn.




Black Bear seasonals are often crafted and released as one-off additions to our portfolio.

These have included: Grizzly Bear Ale at 3.8% to mark the arrival of Ivar Torben, the head brewers third son. Polar Bear and Bear Humbug, to flow with the autumn and winter seasons and Black Bear IPA which at a whopping 6% only occasionally makes an appearance.